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Li He Jun:Mission-Action-Result

A speech at middle and senior management meeting

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Dear colleagues:

Good morning! It’s very happy to be here and to communicate with you.

I used to tell our group executives that as Hanergy’s pathfinder, I just do 3 things: making strategies and decisions, leading teams and doing important public relations. From now on, I shall also do another thing: cultural inheritance. In this respect, Hanergy had poorly done. Starting from today, I will try to communicate with you once every month, by speech or by email, to let Hanergy’s culture, mission and core value to be with every single employee. I personally decided the title of the speech today, wishing you as our middle-senior management team can seriously pass on and implement it.

I. Mission

As we all know, Hanergy’s mission is to change the world by clean energy, specifically speaking, is to change the world by thin-film power and mobile energy. The mission is very important, it’s not a slogan but a belief.

The first implication: We must believe in it. If you don’t believe, you shall not join this team. Believe in what? 1. Believe in Hanergy’s mission, believe in that thin-film power generation, mobile energy can change the world; 2. Believe in that Hanergy is a team with mission, we’re here not just to make a living, but we have a common mission. Our middle-senior management team must have a sense of mission.

The second implication: Mission can bring power. I used to talk about “Mind Laws”- When you truly believe in one thing from the bottom of your heart and have been working for it, it will happen. Mission makes us strong, mission helps us conquer difficulties; mission will bring a magical power to make us lucky. The power of belief is infinite, without which, you cannot do anything.

The third implication: For an organization, a team, cooperative engagement is very important. When we all have the sense of mission, we will get power concentrated. Therefore, the mission must be rooted in everyone, so the company can achieve its common goals, otherwise its power will be offset by each other in a state of disunity.

A great company cannot survive without the sense of mission.What defines a great company? I think there are 4 standards: First, strong sense of mission represented by every single employee; Second, core value accepted by all employees and being implemented in their daily actions; Third, creating a new industry or a new market, it’s not about satisfying but creating a demand; Fourth, hundreds of billions ofdollars in sales and tens of billions dollars in profit every year.  So a company without the sense of mission will not last long and will not prosper. Religion can be in this world for thousands of years because they have common belief. Common belief, common mission can get people united. Why can the Red Army reach northern Shaanxi through the Long March, why can Chairman Mao Zedong establish the new China? That’s because all the followers of the Communist Party believed in building up a new China of freedom and democracy, then it came true.

WhenIexplain the Hanergy Mottos to our visitors, I always emphasize on the very first one. I don’t care if others will laugh at us, Hanergy’s employees, especially the middle-senior management team truly believes in that thin-film power generation and mobile energy can change the world, believing this is true. Not everyone will believe in what we do. I believe that there are only up to 10% of people in this world will believe, that a great company is working on a disruptive industry, the rest 90% do not. But we must believe in it, you cannot let people believe you if you don’t even believe in your own mission. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will believe in you? Therefore, for all our employees, especially our middle-senior management team, there is nothing more important than belief. Without belief, you will have no faith, no spirit, or no power. The followers of Tibetan Buddhism can be this devoted, kowtowing again and again to bless, because they truly believe in it. No matter how many people in this world believe us or not, Hanergy’s undertaking needs people with belief.

In the past one year and half, some people left Hanergy. Two kinds of them were indeed required by Hanergy to leave. One is someone do not believe in our mission: they complain every day in low spirits. I think, you cannot save people with low spirits by training. The second kind is man of words. Some of our colleagues have a plenty of empty words and stories, they are of all talk and no action, no result. So these two kinds of people must leave Hanergy as soon as possible. You’d better leave on your own, it’s good for you and for Hanergy. Hanergy will sweep away these two kinds of people.

. Action

Your mission is fake and illusive without action. What determines your action? We have numerous employees and we cannot teach you what to do every day. There is one guiding principle - our core value will lead the action of every employee. The core value is“tofocus on customers and to provide our customers the best products and services”. It’s also the standard of the daily actions of our employees, and you should judge whether the action is right or wrong by this. Hanergy always focus on customers, we do our best to meet customers’ requirements. This corporate culture did not exist before,so now we have to change, we are now building the products R&D system at the fastest speed,perfecting our customer service system.

Providing the best products and services relies on the action, particularly the middle and senior managers should take the lead. Hanergy strongly is against the “second transmitter”. Unfortunately there are more second transmitters than team leaders in Hanergy, including our senior managers. Hanergy invites you to join the team to solve the problems, each department leader and senior manager should take the lead and play a role in the action. We need you to be the “actor” rather than the second transmitter or presenter; you should motivate everyone to act. Get yourselfmoving first, not to command others first. We need leadership in the action, and what is leadership? Leadership is your ability to lead the team and solve the problem. Your ability of the leadership reflects on how difficult the problem can be solved by your team. Always think first when you encounter a problem, propose a solution, then take the action.

Is this not what leader should do? To solve problem is the highest level of leadership.

Act fast as the speed is also a crucial competiveness. I read a book some time ago. I realized that one of the important key to Samsung’s success is they were moving fast. Everyone knows E=1/2MV2, which means the kinetic energy is equal to 1/2 the product of the mass and the square of the speed. The impaction of speed is doubled, thus it’s quite important. Your ability will not properlydemonstrate if you finished the task in one month time which could have been finished within one day. The other acts too fast, and ended up being wrong.I will take the lesser evil: I would rather you make mistake than no outcomes. As I tell the executives of the company, what about if we fail on product development? It is okay, and we must dare to try. Anyone or any organization grows with failure, we shall tolerate failure. Failure is opportunity, you grow when you fail. No one can always win in his growth: when something reaches the peak, one thing for sure, it will descend. When it hits the bottom, one thing for sure, it will climb. I hope every colleague can implement the principle of swift action.

Know to retrospect in actions. The Analects of Confuciussays, “Retrospect three times every day.”Retrospect multiple times every day. It is a wisdom and courage to retrospect; those who can change their weaknesses are those of utmost, highest level of minds. I hope every one of us can retrospect three points every day:

First, retrospect your daily work - what weakness you have, how to improve it. No complaints, but think about your weaknesses, asking what you can do to improve. Those who help earn more indeed, only those who retrospect receive blessings from the God. There is nothing easier than finding an excuse, you can always find one thousand excuses for one thing that you do not want to do.

Second, retrospect the weakness of our management and institution. Hanergy is setting up a new committee on institution reform and optimization, furthering our structural reform. We are in a transition from individual authority to institutional authority through optimizing, strengthening our institutions and procedures.

Third, retrospect our thinking. Our thinking needs retrospection, for all of us here. One individual, one company will never die if they keep retrospection. Why does Hanergy survive the crisis? As I mentioned, we rely on 4 words: first, moral; second, wisdom, wisdom is from constant retrospection, asking yourself wherethe weakness is and how to improve. Third, perseverance, steadfast persistence; last, luck. We earned an unprecedented opportunity of growth because we have gone beyond unprecedented obstacles and test. A great organization prospers in adversities. We have gone through the adversities, receiving tests,we are now sure to grow ten times stronger than we were. 

Therefore, the secret of survival lies in always think about our customers, always think about innovation and always retrospect. Those who retrospect are of great wisdom, those who can change themselves are of great courage. Find your mistakes, change it in one day if you can, or months, a year or even years if you have to change your bad habits. Therefore, I hope for us at Hanergy, an executive or a staff,we must think of at least 12 things every day, and self-question at least 1 thing everyday. If you don’t have 12 things to think about, you are not incompetent. You have to act fast to solve those must-solve problems, and for other things, you don’t have to see the results immediately, but you have to carry it forward. You must self-question at least 1 thing every day, to improve yourself every day, and to correct it within certain deadline. What does self-cultivation mean? Self-cultivation means finding your problems and mistakes every day, then overcome them, end them. This is different with self-cultivation in temples, real self-cultivation is in human society. During the self-cultivation, you will encounter all kinds of problems, you will find your defects, then overcome them, end them, this is self-cultivation. If all of us can do so, Hanergy will definitely be great.

. Result

Everything comes with a result. We are not afraid of bad result, but we are dreadful of no result. We used to have a lot of things coming with no outcomes, ending up in nowhere, therefore I say “no result is the largest killer of company and our career.”

In the next 3 to 5 years, we judge by result at Hanergy. I studied that in Chinese, the word “hero” (yin-xiong) actually has two meanings, Yin means the kings of herbs, implying wisdom, tactics, and sights, those of Yin can be the executive assistant to the king; Xiong means the kings of beasts, implying courage, gut and dedication, those with Xiong can be the military general for the king. A hero must have both tactics and courage, both wisdom and dare to decide. We never expect everybody to be a hero, someone may be more of Yin, the others may be like Xiong to a larger extent, which are both needed, but in the end we shall see who the hero isonly based on the result. No matter how high ranks you are, in charge of what, those with no result is nobody. Result talks. Actions with no results are the biggest killer to your career and Hanergy. There must be a result, and it must be swift, we are not afraid of failures, and we are tolerable of them actually, because they are opportunities for growth.

We working at Hanergy have at least three achievements I think,

First, a salary. We support our family, feeding our kids, paying all bills. This is so real and basic, to have a paycheck, with food to eat, cars to drive and houses to live in, to have better social positions.

Second, self-enhancement. By solving problems, our ability is enhanced, inner heart is cultivated, and our spirit is leveled up, our life being cultivated.

Third, unique to Hanergy, you will be rewarded with good fortune, with good luck. I used to quote, Mr. Inamori Kazuo once said, the rewarding and punishment of each one of us is always exactly accurate. Some of us believe in destiny, some do not. I think those who do not may not have their mind leveled to a certain degree yet. But destiny can be changed, how? I used to say to our colleagues that the key to change your destiny is to be with a team of good luck. The other way to karma(Yinguo). When we are born, destiny is only half of our life, karma(Yinguo) determines the other half of it. If destiny is the longitude, karma(Yinguo) is the altitude, forming a network together, allowing us to modify by acting for good. 

Therefore, one’s life is determined by the mutual factor of destiny and karma(Yinguo). The more good you do, the more you can change your destiny for its betterment. The more good seed you sow, the more good fruit you can harvest, vice versa. This karma(Yinguo) relation, is not saying you will have immediate feedback tomorrow, but may be in one year or two, or even longer, decades, or even maybe on you or your kids, but it will happen. I think Mr. Inamori Kazuo is right in saying that karma(Yinguo) always pays back. Why is it unique to Hanergy? Because of our industry, because of our mission. I said to many that by installing 25w of solar plants, we are equivalent to planting a tree on the planet. We do not need to talk about grand theories, do your job at Hanergy, help to sell more thin film solar is same to planting more trees on the globe, making our days worthwhile.

So my colleagues, first we believe in Hanergy’s mission, this is a great mission,meaning a lot for the country, society and each one of us; second, we answer the call with our actions; third, we fulfill our mission with result, unite all of our actions to realize the mission.

Hanergy needs every of its member, to sell thin film solar 25w by 25wm, growing trees one by one. This is our responsibility to our country, and to the human beings in general.


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