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Hanergy-IKEA Rooftop Solar Power Generation Project

On June 13th, 2012, Hanergy Holding Group and the Swedish furniture giant IKEA reached an agreement of strategic partnership, according to which Hanergy will install rooftop PV modules with an installed capacity of 383MW in all IKEA stores and some vendors in China. Upon installation, the electricity generated by the PV modules is expected to meet 10% to 15% power needs of IKEA stores and 100% of those for IKEA’s Distribution Center in China. This will help the company to reduce a total of 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission every year.
By July 2013, Hanergy has installed and commissioned the rooftop PV modules in IKEA stores in five cities as Beijing, Shenzhen,  Dalian and Nanjing. Installation in other IKEA stores and Shanghai-based Distribution Center will also commence one after another. Take IKEA's Beijing store for example, the installed rooftop PV modules generate 452,000kWh of electricity and reduce 426 tons of carbon dioxide emission each year with a capacity of 416.24kWp.

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